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Tech Tuesday: Ferrari’s Side Slip control

Side Slip Control

Side Slip Control. That sounds like something used to prevent old people from falling down the stairs. It isn’t, trust me it isn’t. Instead, that is the name of a feature found in certain Ferrari’s such as the 458 Speciale. So what is this feature? To put it in its simplest form, this technology allows you to manage and maintain perfect oversteer. To put it simpler, this feature allows you to drift your Ferrari and look good doing it. How? Its all very complicated you see, it uses various things such as the diff, steering angle and a whole lot of other things I feel a man with a P.h.d would need to explain. All you need to know is that it helps you drift and I think that’s awesome enough. Prepare to see this feature in the upcoming 488 GTB which will soon be on the streets in many countries. For instance, most of us love sausages, we don’t want to know how their made as long as they taste good, that’s all. Now let’s see how this stuff works, and for that we need the help of Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar. Enjoy

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