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Kia South Africa wins five awards at the 2015 Product quality awards.

The People Have Spoken for Kia South Africa:

KIA South Africa received five awards at the 2015 Product Quality Awards held recently. The awards are based on a “problems per 100 vehicle” basis, so the car with the least amount of problems in each category per 100 vehicles wins. For Kia South Africa, the awards were as follows:

1. Small Hatch Category: Kia Ria with a score of PP100 score of 25.

2. Best new recreational vehicle: Kia Sorento with a PP100 score of 22.

3. Large recreational vehicle: Kia Sorento received a Silver award.

4. Most improved recreational vehicle: Kia Sportage received a Gold award with a PP100 score of 34, compared to a score of 55 the previous year.

5. Best Volume Passenger Brand: The Kia brand won a Gold award in this category with a PP100 score of 31.

Well done to Kia South Africa for the achievement. Ipsos is a company that plays a major role in quality standards and customer feedback in South Africa, so these awards are largely based on what the people have to say regarding owning vehicles from the brand. The people have clearly spoken.

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