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Fully Electric Volvo EX90 Revealed

A new era is on the horizon for Swedish automaker, Volvo, as they have just recently revealed their all-new fully electric EX90. The manufacturer says that they'll be revealing one new fully electric vehicle every year, and that by 2030, they aim to only be selling electric vehicles.

Safety and Technology

Volvo as a vehicle manufacturer has always been synonymous with leading safety and this is still the case in the EX90. The luxury SUV boasts an invisible shield of safety which is enabled by Volvo's latest sensing technology, both inside and outside. The invisible shield of safety is made up of state-of-the-art sensors such as cameras, radars and lidar which are all connected to the vehicles high-performance core computers. NVIDIA DRIVE runs Volvo Cars' in-house software to create a real-time, 360-degree camera view.

Volvo say that their sensors don't get tired or distracted and that they are designed to respond and react when the driver is just a fraction too late. The sensors contribute to improving the reliability and overall performance of the assisted driving function, Pilot Assist, which boasts a new steering support function while changing lanes.

Interestingly, Volvo say that thanks to their state-of-the-art sensor set and lidar, the EX90 is the first Volvo which is hardware-ready for unsupervised driving in the future.

Taking center stage in the cabin of the luxury SUV is a 14.5-inch display with Google built in. Fitted within the display are Google apps and services, with hands-free assistance from Google Assistant and Google Maps navigation to mention a few. Wireless Apple CarPlay is fitted.

A standard 5G connection is available to make installing apps and using the different services easier. The audio system is comprised of a reference-quality Bowers & Wilkins system which features Dolby Atmos as a Volvo first and headrest-integrated speakers for an immersive sound experience. Standard fitment also includes phone key technology, whereby a smartphone serves as a car key and automatically unlocks the car and begins a welcoming sequence upon approach. An individuals personal profile will also be loaded automatically as the driver enters the car.

Electrified Power

The Volvo EX90 benefits from a brand new, in-house developed fully electric base which enables the SUV to travel up to 600km on a single charge. The EX90 is also able to charge from 10-80% battery capacity in under 30 minutes.

Initially, a twin-motor AWD version will be powered by a 111kWh battery and two permanent magnetic electric motors, which together will deliver 380kW and 910Nm of torque.

Volvo say that the EX90 is their first car to feature all the necessary hardware to enable bi-directional charging, which is a technology whereby one can use the car battery as an extra energy supply to home one's home, electric devices or another electric Volvo. The manufacturer says that they aim to make bi-directional charging available in the future, starting with selected markets.

Local pricing, specifications and a launch date have not yet been announced by the manufacturer.

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