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Fresh and French: The updated Peugeot 208.

What’s new in Peugeot’s 208?

The French are a nation known for style and elegance, something that is translated into their clothes and even their cars. Peugeot is an example of this, with designs that are always interesting, bold and different. These designs often times go one way or another, either terribly good or terribly bad. I’m glad to say though that the design found in the new version of the 208 is the former, it’s refreshingly different from all its competitors and as a result makes the car stand out. This is especially the case in the GT Line version of the 208, which features sporty little bits that make the car seem like it would be a bit of fun behind the wheel. Without looking at any figures, it’s safe to say that the outgoing 208 is a car that one doesn’t battle to see on the road, nor are the streets flooded with them. Like any French vehicle in South Africa, it is a car that will be generally bought by those who have a place in their hearts for French cars, most of which have a unique quirkiness to them that make us like them.  So what is new in this updated version of the 208?

Exterior and Interior:

The exterior of the car has been changed, with new lights and new bumpers giving the car a new look, which is a good look. Daytime running lights are featured at the top of the headlights and chrome bits add a premium look to the front bumper. The rear looks almost identical to the previous model but slight bumper changes have been done at the vehicles backside too. Again, looks on the GT Line model are the ones that make you say “nice” whereas the Active model is the more plane Jane in appeal. Peugeot offers a selection of twelve different paintwork options on the car, which is a very extensive offer. A cool option that is part of that wide array of colours is the textured paint option which is a matte type of paintwork offered in silver of grey.

The interior is clean and modern with the Touchscreen infotainment unit being well placed for the driver and passenger to fiddle with. That was the idea behind the I-Cockpit design, that of being more driver orientated in terms of ergonomics. The car offers good space for those who will be either driving the car or being driven in it. Visually the car also seems larger than its competitors, although we left our tape measure at home so we couldn’t compare.


The 208’s engines have been updated. The car now features a 1.2 litre normally aspirated engine producing 60 kW and 118 Nm which is moderate but what is impressive is the fuel economy figure of 4.3 litres/100km, which is diesel territory. Of course, it being naturally aspirated, the 1.2 will not have the torque that many types of diesel have, if torque is what you’re looking for, then the engine in the GT Line is what you need. That engine has the same output, that of 1.2 litres but it has a small turbocharger which ups the power to 80 kW and 205 Nm, a significant jump in torque. That being said, both engines should do just fine for city and open road driving while giving you great fuel economy. To top it off, an automatic version is now available for those longing to give their left foot a break.


As mentioned before, the Peugeot 208 offers unique styling cues which are refreshing to look at, especially since many cars are starting to look somewhat similar. The GT Line is a real looker for those looking for something really stylish to drive. The engines are good at what they do and efficient at the same time, and the whole range is competitively priced compared to its rivals. So if you want something well sized and practical to drive that’s not like everybody else, you wouldn’t be making a bad choice if you got yourself a 208. Plus all Active and GT Line models come standard with a full maintenance plan for five years or 60 000kms.


208 Pop Art                                                                 R159 900

208 Active 1.2 PureTech                                             R209 900

208 GT Line 1.2 PureTech Turbo                               R269 900

208 GT Line 1.2 PureTech Turbo Auto                      R289 900

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