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Bentley’s Flagship 6.75Litre engine comes to its curtain call

The introduction of the Mulsanne nameplate in 1980 provided Bentley with the opportunity to flex its plushest and most luxury-focused model. In the pursuit of refinement, the original Le Man winning engine was bored and stocked to the famed 6.75Litre V8 displacement for the production model. Later replaced with the Arnage throughout the years, only to return in 2009 with the current model as a 90th-anniversary celebratory model.

Given the new 11-year model run and the L-Series 6.75Litre V8 beginning to be rather difficult to get past stricter emissions regulations and smaller VAG V8 Hybrid powerplants balancing power and fuel economy far better. In commemoration of the momentous 60 years of service, a limited production final edition dubbed the ‘6.75’ will be created. Just 30 of these bespoke models will be conceived by coachbuilders Mulliner. Based on the current Speed Model power remains the same at 375kW and 1100Nm from the Turbo V8. Keen eyes will note the subtle notes that pay homage to the celebration of Bentley engineering history.

A centre console-mounted 6.75 Edition metal placard with the “One of thirty” demarcation the same mantra is hinted throughout the interior and even through to the LED illumination. The choice of four interior colours, contrasted with the silver and high gloss fascias through the front console.

Externally the changes are equally as cunning by Bentley as some fender-mounted rosettes with an L-series specific design and some gloss black accents carried throughout the vehicle are the only telltale sign of the heritage.

Production of the Mulsanne will end in the second half of 2020 and hand the First Class monarchy over to the Flying Spur until its return in 2023

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