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Volvo is on a roll! Welcome the new Volvo XC40

The New Volvo XC40

It’s no secret by now that Volvo are on a serious roll, with some of their recent models being the most handsome vehicles on the roads. Their recipe has almost been perfected and while they have always managed to retain their own identity, for some it was perhaps just a little too far removed from the Germans – because of course we all want to be like them…


The XC40 is the latest offering from the crafty Swedes and its set to take on the likes of Mercedes-Benz’s GLA, the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3, albeit in Swedish fashion, literally.

Unveiled in Milan, Volvo were clever in waiting for all the hype of the Frankfurt Motorshow to die down before letting the world set their eyes on their new baby SUV, thus taking centre stage and wowing the world with its chic design and handsome proportions.

The interior promises to revolutionise the way we think of space within a car, providing ample space for things like bottles, handbags, a space designed specifically for your cellphone, with induction charging, ad a removable waste bin within the centre console to minimise cabin clutter and litter – how clever?


Based on Volvo’s new CMA modular platform, it is Volvo’s first foray into the C Segment Premium SUV space with this platform set to find use across Volvo’s 40 series, as well as in electric vehicles to come.

At launch, D4 and T5 derivatives will be on offer with the range expanding into both hybrids and fully electric derivatives down the line. It goes without saying that Volvo’s impressive array of safety features, of course, are present, systems we have become familiar with in both the 60 and 90 range of Volvo’s.


Volvo Care is another new innovation from the brand which sees its debut in the XC40 which is said to make vehicle ownership as “transparent, easy and hassle free as having a mobile phone.”  Down payments and price negotiations are apparently a thing of the past with Volvo Care which, after a monthly flat-free subscription, will include access to a range of niceties such as service pick-up, refuelling, cleaning of your vehicle and e-commerce delivery to your Volvo, as well as access to car sharing facilities thanks to Volvo on Call and new digital key technology.


While GLA, X1 and Q3 are direct competitors, there is a good chance that potential non-premium brand shoppers might consider the XC40 due to its size and likely competitive pricing.

Production begins in November so expect local units to hit South African shores within the first quarter of 2018.

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