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TVR are back! Welcome the new Griffith.

The New TVR Griffith

In 2013, TVR was taken over by entrepreneur Les Edgar. The brand needed a revival and this man took up the challenge, promising to keep in line with the brands rich heritage of sports cars.

It’s been four years since TVR’s new administration walked in the door and TVR have now released their first car since the takeover and it’s called the Griffith. This car is all about the Spirit of Driving which is shown by a front engined 5.0 V8 with power driven to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox. This, along with the TVR Griffith’s 50:50 weight distribution and full ground effect aerodynamics thanks to a flat floor means that the new TVR has all that’s required to be a very exciting car indeed. We can’t forget it’s weight at just 1 250 kg which was made possible due to a carbon composite structure and body panels.

TVR Griffith

So what does all this result in? Well TVR have not released exact figures but after the Ford Coyote 5.0-litre V8 has visited Cosworth for a bit of fiddling, mainly a new flywheel, clutch, dry sump lubrication system and ECU tuning, we can expect a power to weight ratio of 400bhp/tonne,  a 0-100km/h dash of under 4 seconds and top speed that will eclipse the 200 MPH (320km/h) mark. So in short, it’ll live up to everything we have expected from TVR over the years.

TVR Griffith

The exterior has been designed to be striking but also extremely efficient. It still features the classic sports car look – it actually looks like a very modern TVR, taking styling cues from the previous TVR Griffiths’. It really does look great and has some epic features such as side exit exhausts and large frontal air intakes. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the new Griffith is the rear end – its wide, low and mean and many a fast car will be spending time behind the TVR Griffith so of course it needs to look the part.

TVR Griffith

You won’t find any steering wheel doo dabs, reversing which whatss or Bang and Kardon sound systems here either, the TVR does feature a much tidier interior than its predecessors, but it is still very basic. One can expect a TFT instrument display, keyless entry and rotary controls for ancillaries such as A/C, as well as lots of suede.

TVR Griffith

TVR Griffith Pricing

The TVR Griffith will cost 90,000 Great British Pounds which equates to just over R1.5 million of our South African Rands. Production will only start in late 2018, with deliveries taking place in early 2019 – a long time away then, but definitely worth the wait!

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