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The new Toyota Aygo: Bulit for the youth.

The new X designed Toyota Aygo.

The A segment is an interesting one when it comes to the offering available. Brands such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Chevrolet, Citroen, Suzuki and more all offer great options in this segment. This particular segment is especially aimed for the “starter-uppers” in life, namely the youth who are buying, or being bought their first car. Interestingly, these cars have a large appeal for those living in large congested cities where size matters and economy more.


The new Toyota Aygo is a car that has been a popular choice amongst many motorists in this target market. With many units sold in South Africa, its successor had to maintain a certain appeal and from what we’ve seen in the new Aygo, the new version will not disappoint its buyers. The youth is a visual generation which wants something visually striking and bold. The new Toyota Aygo gives that market what it wants with its distinctive “X” design, which is prominent in the front grille of the car as well as the rear. The car utilises the popular two tone colour design element, which allows the client to either have a black roof or a silver depending on the model they choose. Motorists have a choice of three models, the standard Aygo 1.0 X, the X Play Black and the X Play Silver.

Engines and Features:

All models use a 1.0 litre 3 cylinder VVTI engine producing 51 kW and 95 Nm. Small cars like these have the advantage of weighing very little, so a small normally aspirated engine such as the one in the Aygo still gives the car enough poke to get around.  One large benefit of such a small engine is the decreased fuel economy that comes with it, something the new Toyota Aygo enjoys with a claimed fuel consumption of 4.4 l/100 km in the combined cycle. The new Aygo features a modern and clean interior with a circular speedometer and a shift light to remind you to drive efficiently. The car also has as standard a touch screen infotainment system with Bluetooth, USB and auxiliary inputs, something young people can’t do without nowadays. The new car is also longer, so maybe now you can fit that extra tall friend that you always had to leave behind on nights out.

Safety and Service:

The car is fitted with front and side airbags, ABS braking systems and Brake Assist as standard on the car. A 3 year/ 100 000 km warranty is also included. A 3 year/ 45 000 km service plan is optional but if a client purchases one of the models before 2016, the service plan is added at no charge.


The new Toyota Aygo seems to tick all the boxes for its target market in terms of features, design, convenience and economy. The Aygo’s  X design is very unisex, which means that the new car can appeal to both young women and men. The fact that the car has a Toyota badge on it also acts as a huge selling point since South Africans have been won over by the brand for many years now. The car will surely be received well in the concrete jungle.

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