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The New Era of Audi Fastbacks – 2020Audi RS7

2020 Audi RS7

The new year brings with it the need to keep making fast wagons and Sportback’s, in response to pressure from 600hp Barnstormers such as the BMW M5 and Merc’s E63.

Audi has confirmed the dates for the launch of both S7 and the full cream RS7 Sportback. First seen internationally in October, it lent the brands 4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 offering 441kW and 800Nm driven through Quattro-AWD with sports differential and 8-speed Automatic, to a 48 Volt Mild-Hybrid Energy regeneration system from the rest of the A7 range.

The 48V belt-driven alternator starter brings forth the idea of the true performance attributes that a Biturbo V8 posses, off-set by the system that is set to combat fuel economy through cylinder deactivation and coasting with the engine switched off at up to 160Km/h.

The idea may be conceptually sound but only a drive of the car will express its effect. Typical of any serious version of a sports production car the overall width has expanded to the tune of 40mm. Sharing only the front doors, roof and the rear tailgate on fastback models. Optional 22-inch fill each corner accommodatingly seamlessly integrating the aerodynamic and cat-eye touching sleekness. The 20mm lowered ride height is key to the standard adaptive dynamic air suspension and all-wheel steering with up to 5 degrees opposite directional movement at low speed and same direction at speed.

Internally Premium RS-embossed leather sport seats with colour cross-stitching. Alcantara touches on the flat-bottom steering wheel and gear selector provide a clear explanation of the focus here. The Steering allows for the storage of RS1 and RS2 settings via buttons allowing dynamic configurations. Being a modern flagship Audi, the focus on Light, tech and dynamics is astonishingly impressive. The three displays serve to create an uncluttered environment, with endless integration of technology. MMI user interfaces, driver-assist systems, adaptivity, LTE connectivity, virtual cockpit, its all rather vast. 2+2 was offered in the Sportback at its initial debut but so too the typical 3-seater rear beach. The large oval exhausts, LED Matrix lights and a darker tint of Sportback rear lights, fit into the lines of the car and the darkened elements and touches through the entirety of the car in a way that makes it a terribly pretty car.


The most important aspect of this car is the powertrain, and the 4.0Litre V8 propels the RS7 to a 3.6 Second 0-100, which frankly is laughable given the rapidness offered among this and its peers in consideration to the 2065Kg weight. Quattro’s latest rendition offers the ability to spilt power in a 40:60 Front/Rear with a maximum of an 85% rear split is possible. The shove on offer will drive you to an optional extra Top Speed 304Km/h. To bring the massive car to order as standard ten piston breaks are fitted 440mm Carbon Ceramics are available as options.

The numbers suggest an impressive car and at this point and having sampled product few of The Audi Era, and the new A7 as a whole and the cabin is just a wholesome meal of technologic brilliance the way it comes together is very well executed. Audi is making some very good cars right now and the RS7 sounds like that magic is translated, I do fear what the true drives experience behind the 48V works in such a performance-focused machine but only next year will tell, but the duality offered by the frankly “Return on the great” M5 Competition and the equally action movie star E63 S with the large executive salon that they all pull off so well.

Audi RS7 Pricing

Pricing will follow its September 2020 Launch in Sportback trim with an Avant joining later.

  1. Engine: 4.0-litre V8 Bi-turbo 48V-hybrid Belt-driven alternator system

  2. Gearbox: 8-speed Torque Converter Auto

  3. Fuel economy: 11.4L/100 km (claimed)

  4. Power/Torque: 441 kW/800 Nm

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