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Subaru hints at the future with the Levorg STI Sport

Using the Tokyo Auto Salon as its chance Subaru has created the Levorg STI prototype to unveil the future for the famed Subaru Tecnica International brand.

Ahead of the launch of the production model later this year, the Levorg STI may be the first iteration of the EJ25 series engine replacement. A necessary evil, given its 1996 introduction and how it still powers the some of the current line up, including the STI.

Powering the Subaru Levorg STI Sport prototype is a brand-new 1.8-Litre Flat-Four ‘Boxer’ engine, which will likely also power the next generation BRZ and GR86. Current hushed whispers suggest that in addition to the Levorg’s latest Drive Mode Select System with preemptive All-wheel drive which can not only adapt but pre-arm the AWD, drivetrain and steering for different conditions. Power is routed to be close too 300kWs and thusly should be a very interesting change and update to the very dated drivetrain. The Rumour mill suggests Subaru is also working on a 2.4Litre Flat-4 that we will likely see in the next Subaru STI also with around 300kWs. So Subaru’s to come will be interesting and maybe even bring back the STI to

Little is known at this stage but old school Scoobie fans may just have a reason to wait in anticipation with bated breath.

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