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Something different: The Kia Cerato Koup.

Dare to be different, the Kia Cerato Koup.

Sometimes in life, we all long for something different. Whether it’s a different flavour of ice-cream, a different restaurant to eat at, or even a different car to drive. In the car department, choosing something different to what many people buy can be a risky thing. The reason being that firstly, the fact that many people drive a specific car means that the car is a good. If that weren’t the case, many people wouldn’t buy it, would they? Secondly, having many of the same brand of a car on the road means that when the time comes for you to sell the vehicle, it will fetch a good trade in value because there will be a demand for it. So usually sticking to the norm is the safe way to go about things. The problem with that is that the norm can get boring at times. Sometimes, having something that is different to everybody else is exciting because of just that, it’s different. Take for example the Kia Cerato Koup.

When you think of a good looking coupé car to buy, your mind doesn’t automatically think Kia does it? Usually, we all want something German, something with some status so we can casually put our keys on the table during a night out and watch our friends reactions when they see we drive a…No one can blame you for taking this route when buying a car, because, besides the bragging rights, the German’s do have a good reputation to fall back on. A reputation that is not usually cheap, unfortunately, and if you don’t have the budget for that reputation, what do you do? Do you buy the very basic model from that brand simply because of the brand, or do you try to look for another option?

If you’re someone who falls part of the latter group, then perhaps the Kia Cerato Koup is something you would consider. The fact is that this car is very good at what it does, it looks good, drives very well and lastly, it won’t cost you the same amount as your mortgage. In fact, after spending time in the Kia Cerato Koup, we found ourselves wondering why there aren’t many more of these cars being sold in South Africa. For R370 000, you get 152 kW/265 Nm of power, a short-throw 6-speed manual gearbox, a comfortable ride and some good features too. Yes, the car does not cost chump change, but it certainly offers a great deal of car for the money. The engine is punchy and refined, the car has a sporty nature to it and it has a feel good factor about it that makes you smile. The dashboard is quite basic but the seats are great and supportive.

We live in a visual world, so things must look good in order for them to have appeal. The Kia Cerato Koup ticks that box six love, with one of its strongest points being that it looks great. It’s no dumb blonde though, if it needs to get up and go it will do so willingly. At the same time, it’s not built cheaply either, it feels premium. Even though it’s a coupé, it’s not a tight fit too, so your passengers can feel just as glamorous as you do when driving in it. The Koup is one of those cars that make you think before going the “normal” route. It makes you question why you should be like everybody else. All we’re saying is that there’s nothing wrong to be different at times, and if you can look good whilst doing it, why not?

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