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Rich Kids Club – Audi Q2 Review

Audi Q2 Driven Review

If the Q2 was a person, it would be ‘that guy’.. You all know that guy and if not, you are that guy. The guy who has a sneaker option for everyday. The guy who has all the latest music on his latest mobile device. The guy with the latest car, you know this guy. He is the guy that is uber annoying, yet, is kinda liked and secretly, you want to be that guy. The millennial who has wealthy parents who have made sure that he will go through life on his yacht down-stream.

That was the first impression of the Audi Q2. It left me wondering that, if a crossover SUV with a 1.4 TFSI motor and DSG with all of the cool extras costs R778 000, what I’m a doing with my life in general and where can I apply for a re-do? You see, the Q2 is one of those trendy cars that are, as it’s known in the African Culture as “for control”. This isn’t a “we have a baby now, let’s be wise and get a spacious vehicle”. No, this is a “we need an extra car that the kids will use as I don’t want them driving any of our cars as I don’t trust them, and the Q2 is safe enough”. You see, “for control”. Being based on the A3, it’s not the biggest compact SUV and its closest competitor is the new Mini Countryman which has a more palatable price, relatively speaking.

So, what do you get for the price of both kidneys and your right lung? You get, as per our test car; Bang and Olfusen sound, Navigation, Panorama Sunroof, LED headlights with daytime running lights, sweeping indicators, fancy Tron/iRobot lighting on the dashboard as well as the awesome Virtual Cockpit. The list goes on. All of this does suggest that if you scale back on the optional extras, you can end up with an affordable Q2. It’s still one that went to a semi-private school and speaks to its grandparents in English, as it doesn’t speak any vernacular. The car does drive very well and it feels very modern and chic. Audi never gets interiors wrong and they weren’t about to start on this one. We need to make special mention of the Apple CarPlay feature.It’s something that works stupendously well and it’s nearly impossible to fault. From voice commands, to the navigation and music outlay, it’s near perfect. I sincerely hope that other manufacturers can look at this example and take note on how to use systems like this that integrate so well with a mobile device.

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I will nit-pick and point out that the car has a “dead spot” on take off. This was remedied by adjusting the vehicle’s throttle response to Dynamic instead of Comfort via the Drive Select module. As much as it worked, I would have liked a bit more poke from the turbocharged four-pot. The S-Tronic gearbox works like a hot knife on butter once it’s out of the first gate. The steering is also positive and does communicate well, especially in Dynamic mode. Overall the car works well on the city and on the open road.

So our week went well in the latest and trendiest Audi. We did get a wave in Hyde Park from a fellow Q2 driver who came out of a home that literally took up half of the block. That’s quite the indicator as to who this car will appeal to. Perhaps it may have the Range Rover Evoque appeal? Truth be told, it’s a nice little car and it has all the modern gizmos to keep you entertained. One can imagine some money will be taken out of various trust funds to buy this car.

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