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Porsche Cayenne Coupé – another SUV coupé in the mix.

Designing cars isn’t an easy job, and while Mervyn in the corner complains about how he doesn’t like the look of this new station wagon or that new SUV, he doesn’t realise that neither of them are actually for him. Sharon with three kids, on the other hand, loves the idea of an SUV that looks like a Coupe, perfect for hopping from Tashas to… Tashas. Speaking to this manager and that etc. Well have we got news for you, Sharon!

Despite being an early adopter to the luxury SUV party with the Cayenne, Porsche are one of the last to the SUV Coupe thing party, but that’s okay. Rather that than rush the job, because this is an easy one to get wrong…

If you’ve got eyes, however, you’ll see that the Stuttgart firm hasn’t rushed the Cayenne Coupé at all. Gosh it’s pretty, and while we know that these sorts of cars are marmite cars (love or hate) we suspect that there will be a few more lovers than haters this time around.

Featuring all of the technical highlights of the current Cayenne, the Cayenne Coupé features a slightly more dynamic design and new technical details in order to position it as a more sporting alternative to the sells-like-hotcakes Cayenne.

Highlights of the Cayenne Coupé include either a rear bench with the characteristics of two individual seats or the comfort rear seats a la Cayenne. There’s also an adaptive rear spoiler and either a panoramic fixed glass roof or an optional carbon-fibre roof.

Courtesy of a roof edge that has been lowered by around 20 mm, the front windscreen and A-pillar are shallower than in the Cayenne, while redesigned rear doors and bumpers broaden the shoulders of the Cayenne Coupé by 18 mm.

The roof spoiler is combined with a new adaptive rear spoiler as part of Porsche Active Aerodynamics and extends by 135 mm at speeds of 90 km/h and up, increasing the contact pressure on the rear axle.

The Porsche Cayenne Coupé features a 3.0-litre turbocharged, six-cylinder motor with outputs of 250 kW and 450 N.m and sprint’s from 0-100 km/h in 6.0 seconds. The Cayenne Coupé Turbo features a four-litre twin-turbocharged V8 boasting 404 kW and 770 N.m. It will sprint from a standing start to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and will go on to a top speed of 286 km/h.

So there you have it, Sharon! A car, just for you but now with a Porsche badge. Jokes aside, the Cayenne Coupé is likely to be a huge success across the board when one considers just how popular the Cayenne is, as well as other vehicles in the SUV Coupé segment.

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