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MSO’s McLaren 650s Spider Al Sahara 79

McLaren’s Special Operations 650S

The phrase “Special operations” gets us rather excited, especially when it comes from McLaren. If a standard McLaren supercar isn’t  exciting and special enough for you, you can always have one from “MSO” – McLaren Special Operations. MSO Creates cars around an owners’ precise tastes. They can either provide subtle bespoke customisations or even build you an ultra-exclusive limited edition one-off model. How awesome?


Recently MSO released a custom 650S at the Dubai Motor Show, inspired by the style that Dubai encompasses. This custom 650S features a carbon fibre front splitter,rear diffuser and side intake vents. The vehicle also features a unique white gold paint finish, this is achieved with the addition of 24 carat particles added to the paint. True Dubai style right?

Just in case you forgot what the fancy paint looks like whilst seated inside, this finish continues on the interior with a body coloured steering wheel, centre console and door panels. Complimenting those bits is black and almond white upholstery, leather, of course. Dark gold switch-gear and heating vents add the finishing touches to this middle eastern styled vehicle. The name of this highly customised car? It’s called the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 (write that down before you walk into the showroom if you’re looking to get one).

When you start adding any form of gold to a car it has the risk of becoming over the top, a bit “rapperish”, but McLaren got this one right. Clean and simple with a touch of class. This vehicle is missing one thing though to give it a true Middle eastern theme, that is the addition of 24 carat gold rims. Maybe. The 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 now joins its other siblings from the special MSO factory, ranging from custom McLaren F1’s to custom P1’s. We love special versions of already special cars.  Cars like these are aimed at the type of customer who thinks owning a “plain old supercar” as just too common. Most of us won’t ever have the opportunity of ordering a personalised McLaren, but at least we can dream…or look. And with gold bits in your paint job, look we shall.


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