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Mercedes-Benz/ Mercedes-AMG Zwartkops Launch

Eight months into 2016 and Mercedes-Benz, along with their newly named ‘Mercedes-AMG’ division continue their new-car onslaught, this time with a slew of trendy and rapid two-doors. A delightful event was recently held at Zwartkops raceway where journalists were given the chance to sample Stuttgart’s newest sportscars.


Mercedes-Benz recently decided to throw the entire alphabet at its range, the latest victim being the SLK, now known as the SLC. Despite its drastic name change, only the eagle eyed will be able to spot its rounded new face and snazzy grille, this is still the SLK your hairdresser knows and loves. Sort of. At R680 000, the SLC200 is the base model and serves up 135kW and 300Nm from its 2.0 litre 4-pot turbo. This is the same engine doing service in the mid-range SLC300, albeit with 180kW and 370Nm. Gone is the potent V8 of yore, replaced by a more modern 3.0 biturbo V6 dishing out 270kW and 520Nm, ensuring a 0-100km/h dash of just 4.7 seconds. This has been dubbed the SLC43 and will be the first of the ‘43’ AMG’s to hit our shores at a little less than R990 000. How exciting?


Updated SL Since 1954, the SL has arguably been the last word in uncompromised grand touring and this is something that shines through brighter than ever in the updated SL. Similar to the SLC43’s biturbo V6, the unit propelling the SL400 appears here in 270kW and 500Nm guise and is more than enough to displace your wig with prices starting from R1 440 743. With its silky smooth 9-speed auto, 700Nm of torque and a classic V8 burble to match the SL’s silhouette, the SL500 makes short work of beach promenades and Clifton driveways. The range spans all the way to the SL65 with a tyre-eating 1000Nm of torque – that is, if you have R3.2 million lying around.


C63 & C63 S Coupe

With 350kW and 650Nm at the mercy of your right foot, the Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S Coupe are the bahn stormers BMW’s M4 has been dreading. An AMG rumble and balanced chassis adds to what is already a competent coupe, now with extra grrrrr and a price to match it’s pace – R1 268 700 for the C63 and R1 382 000 for the C63 S Coupe. The C63 Convertible joins the rest of the range later in 2016.


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