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McLaren Speedtail Hyper-GT Coming Soon

More details on the McLaren Speedtail

McLaren’s first ever Hyper-GT model to be released on October 26th. Until then, McLaren has kept details and images pretty much under wraps. Here is what we know about the new Mclaren Speedtail:

  1. A combined power output of over 1000 PS or 735 kW from a hybrid-electric powertrain.

  2. Centrally mounted driving position with two seats either side, similar to the McLaren F1.

  3. Top speed of over 243mph (391kph) More than any other road-going McLaren yet.

  4. 106 models to be produced, with a price tag of 1.75 million pounds or R33M

For now, alls McLaren have given us is this seductive image of the long rear of the McLaren Speedtail. Stay tuned for more images and information. 

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