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McLaren on a misson: 720S lands in South Africa.

McLaren 720s launched in South Africa

McLaren 720S South Africa

What do you do when you’re up against competitor brands that have had decades to create iconic masterpieces? Brands that have lodged themselves deep in the minds of individuals and have become idols and symbols for success? The only way to differentiate yourself is to try and be, faster, better and smarter. This is what McLaren have done, and in a very short space of time since they’ve entered the mainstream supercar game, they’ve produced incredible machines. To say they’ve progressed leaps and bounds would be an understatement. One gets the impression that McLaren engineers don’t sleep, all they do is obsess about being the best. Welcome the Mclaren 720S.

McLaren 720S South Africa

Without driving the new McLaren 720S and by simply looking at the specs, you realise that the brand has entered a new realm of supercar stardom. The number 720S denotes the power the car produces which is 536 kW an astonishing figure from a twin turbocharged 4.0 V8. The engine, named the M840T revs to 8500rpm and has a peak torque figure of 770Nm. All that anger is channelled through a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, which will propel the driver to 100km/h in 2.9 seconds. 100km/h is irrelevant for a car like this but rather the fact that it takes 7.8 seconds to reach 200km/h is the most noteworthy attribute when it comes to how this vehicle sprints. Weighing in a 1283kg, one sees how this car produces such figures but the largest contributing factor is the Carbon Fibre Monocage II. Seen first in the McLaren P1, the 720S makes use of this single piece carbon fibre tub that includes the roof. As a result, this aids the vehicle rigidity and of course, mass.

McLaren 720S South Africa

As we’ve come to expect in a McLaren, intelligent driver aids make operating these cars an accessible task for most drivers. A Normal, Sport or Track mode can be activated making sure that your 720S maintains composure on an average road yet maximum thrills on the track. Regarding how the car handles, the 720S’s chassis is featured with Proactive Chassis Control II. This system uses sensors to scan the road and pre-empt the chassis to provide maximum grip depending on the setting. For the track days that 720S drivers will attend, there is a feature called Variable Drift Control. Judging by the wording, you can imagine that the 720S will allow for smooth controlled oversteer angles. You would be correct, but the purpose of this mode is not just to make the driver feel like Chris Harris, but rather to assist the driver on a racetrack. If you’ve experienced traction control cutting power in a rear wheel drive car, you’ll know that it can rob a driver of precious seconds during a hot lap. By allowing for certain degrees of slip, the 720S will allow the car to get into oversteer without interfering, until it feels the car reach a specific angle that is too far gone. What this means is that there will be less interference on a track, allowing the driver to have a safety net but not spinning should things get too sideways.

McLaren 720S South Africa

As a whole, the 720S takes the McLaren brand to an entirely new level. This is no mere tweak here and there, it’s a whole new car regarding internals and design. Speaking of design, McLaren has incorporated new design language both inside and outside the vehicle. Based on a great white shark, the front end is more aggressive and differs greatly to the McLarens we’ve seen in the last few years. Entering the vehicle is also much easier, and the cabin is very driver focused. To put the icing on the cake, the instrument display has the ability to fold, giving you a Batmobile-like feel and increased visibility. Only the best materials are used in the car, assuring you that the R5.5 million you’ve spent is worth it. McLaren’s quest for world domination can be seen in the design of this car. Everything about screams more, more and more. This brand may not have the heritage of its competitors, but its new school determined attitude is ever so appealing. It’s the disruptor of the game and it means serious business.    

McLaren 720s pricing in South Africa

The McLaren 720s is on sale now for R5.5 million. Contact Daytona South Africa for more information.

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