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iPhone 7 – You may want to wait

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are Apple’s latest devices to be released to the market. As always, there are new features which may tempt you into purchasing the 7. But you may want to wait…

We have the iPhone 7 here at our offices and I can tell you it is a beautiful phone. Design wise, it’s similar to the iPhone 6, but with the removal of the headphone jack and a newly designed rear camera. Apple also released new colors in the form of matte black and jet black to go along with the current gold and rose gold options.


Technical updates include a new 12mp rear camera, with the iPhone 7 now also being able to capture and edit raw images. The front-facing camera has also been upgraded to 7 megapixels from 5 megapixels (The iPhone 7 Plus includes 2 rear cameras: one wide and one telephoto lens) The iPhone 7 is now water and dust resistant, has an extra 2 hours’ battery life and can be purchased with a maximum storage size of 256GB.  Other upgrades include a faster A10 Fusion chip which makes the iPhone 7 twice as powerful and a new wide colour display which gives an extra 25% in the brightness department.  Add these features to a new touch sensitive home button, stereo speakers and IOS 10, and you have yourself a nice, new upgrade. It is worth it.

Using the iPhone 7 is very similar to its predecessor, there is no difference to how this model feels when holding and using the device. The biggest difference is the new capacitive home button, which feels great as it gives a little vibration through the bottom of the phone when pressed. You will notice when the phone is off; the button can’t be pressed. This happens because it is no longer a physical button but a pressure sensitive pad. When setting up the phone, the user is given a choice of three click options, ranging from what I would describe a soft, medium and hard click.

As expected, the Camera produces a higher quality and more vivid; there is a marked visual improvement over the iPhone 6 when comparing the same scene captured on the iPhone 6 and 7. Other things you will notice is that the Audio from the stereo speaker setup is improved and the fact there is no earphone jack. If you want to use earphones other than Apple, then an adapter is provided in the iPhone 7 box, just don’t leave this small, white adapter at home. (This is bound to happen, its already happened to me)

Why you should wait 

I have been telling you to hold on, wait for what? Well, 2017 is Apple’s 10th anniversary of iPhone. Many are saying that Apple will skip the S updates, which usually come after a new model, and will go straight to releasing an iPhone 8 with some significant improvements and updates. Apple employees have apparently confirmed this to The New York Times which would explain the lack of visual design changes. You might want to consider your options and hold on to your current phone before you sign a new 24-month mobile contract. If money is not an issue, go ahead and get yourself a nice new upgrade.

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