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iPad Pro: What is it like to live with?

The new iPad Pro : Hands on review.

A better name for the new iPad would probably be the “iPad Juice”, because Apple have really pumped some steroids into this one. I’ve been using the new iPad for a month now. Do I like it? I love it.

First of all, this new iPad Pro is rather large, so if you only plan on reading books, checking your email and feeding your Jelly Splash addiction, then this is not the iPad for you. On the other hand if you’re a designer, photographer or something along those lines, or if you frequently work on the move then you might want to carry on reading.

In the case of the iPad Pro, size does matter and the 13inch retina screen makes the world of a difference. Add 4gb ram and faster processer to that and you quickly realize that it’s a dream to work on.

It feels light in the hands and not cumbersome at all, it handles Raw photographic files very well and with virtually no lag, Adobe’s new line of design apps work really well too. I’ve also been typing Word documents on this device using the onscreen keyboard. Now I’ve heard a few people say that it isn’t that great, but interestingly I’ve had no issues and found that it’s a breeze to work on. (Apple Magic Keyboard is also available).

One of the best features on this machine though, is being able to use two apps at the same time. I’ve used this a few times and the screen is definitely big enough to work on both easily. This cuts out the need to change apps when looking for or entering information. As a photographer I didn’t have any use for the new Apple Pencil as that is aimed more at designers and artists, so I have yet to try this nifty  addition out.

Sadly, as is always the case with Apple, the gear is not cheap. The 128gb Wi-Fi version that I use, set me back around R 16 000. If you want to add the Apple Pencil to your toolbox you will need to budget for another R2000. Yikes. The Apple Magic keyboard designed for the Pro will also set you back another R3500 and the basic Apple covers are not far off that price either. It’s a bit of joke but it’s to be expected. It’s like buying a premium car, you can’t expect budget prices.

Funny enough, the money you will spend on an iPad Pro could also be used to purchase a MacBook. One would seriously need to weigh up your requirements to see what would be the best option. As stated previously, I personally use the iPad Pro to backup and edit Raw files. The transfer speed using the new Apple card reader is also very fast, so for that use it works really well. Apart from that I’ve been writing, reading, emailing, planning and watching a bit of Netflix.

There are also specific apps designed for the iPad Pro and they can make quite a big difference. I still have my iMac in the office for heavy duty work, but for when I’m on the move the iPad Pro is the really the “bee’s knees”(yes I said that).

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