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GR-S Treatment Now On Offer For Toyota Corolla Cross

The proudly locally built Toyota Corolla Cross is now the latest model from the manufacturer to receive the GR treatment. Introduced to the local market in Q4 2021, the Corolla Cross instantly became a sales hit, topping the passenger-vehicle sales charts frequently and even being crowned the South African Car of the Year.


The Toyota Corolla Cross GR-S sports a unique exterior package, three bi-tone colors with black roof treatment to choose from, black 18-inch alloy wheels, GR badging around the vehicle and unique GR accents in the interior.

Apart from cosmetic upgrades, the Corolla Cross GR-S also benefits from revised suspension components and tuning which are complimented by a recalibrated power steering module (EPS) in order to deliver more responsiveness in the handling, steering wheel feedback and cornering abilities.

Engine and Power

The Toyota Corolla Cross GR-S is powered by an existing 1.8-litre 2ZR-FE petrol engine which is paired with a CVT.


Noteworthy is the specification in the GR-S aligning with that of the Xr model, with a small premium added for the GR enhancements. The Corolla Cross GR-S is priced at R453,200

We anticipate the GR-S to continue the sales success and can't wait to experience the upgrades added to the popular SUV.

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