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Ferrari GTC4Lusso South African Launch

Ferrari GTC4Lusso launches in South Africa

June the 7th saw the South African debut of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, which launched globally last year. With the underpinnings being the previous generation FF, it features the same unconventional four-wheel drive system and the 2+2 body style, which makes this a prancing horse grand tourer with added practicality.

Powered by a V12 engine, it produces 507 kW at rather peaky 8 000 rpm and 697 N.m to all fours. In the true nature of a grand tourer 80% of the latter comes in from as little as 1 750 rpm. The sleek body and beefy engine is good for some serious straight line shove with the numbers to boast. 0-100 is dispatched with in 3.4 seconds – enough to make it one of the fasted 4 seater cars on the market – top wack is an impressive 335 km/h.

The other key features include 4WS or four wheel-steering, with full integration to Side slide control – SSC3, all in the aim of keeping the DNA of Scuderia’s race car precision and handling dynamics.

The cabin features a number of customizable options including the Dual cockpit design. The GTC4Lusso will first land in Cape Town showrooms and promise to provide coastal street goers much eye candy.

Mervyn Eagles, CEO of Scuderia SA spoke on the GTC4Lusso saying “the GTC4Lusso brings unprecedented versatility to Ferrari driving, like the FF before it. Through the FF, won the Prancing Horse a new, younger client base that also makes greater use of its cars, clocking up 30% higher mileage than average and this success is set to continue with the GTC4Lusso.”

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