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BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

Another BMW M4 you wish you could have. For those who have great means but weren’t worthy an of invitation to own the BMW M4 GTS, there is hope. Enter the M4 DTM Champion Edition, a celebration of DTM success by BMW in honour of Marco Wittmann. In 2014, Marco won his first championship title and now in 2016 he has done it again. BMW sure knows how to say well done, in this case they’ve done this:

What’s different: The M4 DTM Champion Edition features a power output of 368kW and 500Nm, which means the 0-100km/h sprint will take you 3.8 seconds. The way the car delivers this power is through the same water injection system in the M4 GTS. As we know, colder air going into an engine means better performance. This special edition is not limited to more power only, as visual and aerodynamic features have been added. The iconic BMW colours are present on the bodywork, as well as different front and rear splitters and a large rear wing which creates a look that is both beautiful and badass. The interior makes use of race car style bucket seats and a role cage too.

Limited Edition: The M4 DTM Champion Edition is limited to 200 units worldwide, which makes it a super exclusive car to own. You can also have it in any colour you want, as long as its Alpine white. Another great feature about the M4 DTM Champion Edition is the rear lights, which are identical to those of the M4 GTS. So at least the majority of the people who will only see the rear of the car, will have a great view to look at (We hope these taillights will be available on normal M4’s too soon).

What will this beauty cost? You’re looking at roughly R2.3 million. Ouch.

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