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BMW M2: It’s revealed and it’s hardcore.

BMW’s M2 has been revealed: Here’s the breakdown.


  1. 3.0 Litre Twin Powered Turbo

  2. 272 kW/ 465 Nm (500 Nm overboost)

  3. 0-100 km/h: 4.4 Seconds (manual) 4.2 Seconds (7 Speed DCT)


The new BMW M2 is the successor of the legendary 1M Coupe launched a few years ago by BMW. This car has one aim, the aim to please. The 1M lived up to that aim by offering 250 kW version of the N54 Twin Turbocharged 3.0 litre straight six engine. The new M2 uses the Twin Scroll N55 engine that has been enhanced by M Gmbh to produce more power and torque.


The M2 has new design cues to make it stand out from its little brother the M235i. Large air intakes at the front, new front and rear bumpers, four exhaust pipes and M3/M4 wheels make the car have a stance that is more aggressive and intimidating than any other 2 Series. Inside the interior looks very similar to the M235i but with subtle changes that differentiate the car between the M235i and itself.


The M2 comes just in time to join the fight between the updated Mercedes A45, and Audi’s RS3. Even though the car is not a hatchback, the previous 1M was pitted against the RS3 and it was an interesting fight. The M2 brings an undeniable presence to the playing field, its RWD set up may make it the most fun out of the three. Let the games begin.

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