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Alfa Sprinkles some GTA heritage into the Giulia

Alfa Romeo has looked into their deep pockets of racing prowess to create what is dubbed to be the return of the Gran Turismo Alleggerita moniker. Translated from Alfa speak ‘GTA’ means lightweight and carries some severe weight in its near 110 years of the carmaker’s existence. The Guilia Quadrifoglio exudes this lustful super salon-like aura. Almost five years after its initial introduction, the F1 Race Engineering Team has donated some of its greatest minds with the promise to make this a rival to the likes of the most hardcore. This anniversary gift complete with the option to drop the rear seats for harness’ and a roll cage comes set with carbon fibre right-hooks with BMW’s M4 GTS and Jaguar’s Project-8 in its Crosshairs. 

The GTA and GTAm’s focus on lightweight antics is to the tune of 100Kgs, the extensive use of aerodynamic splitters and wings in composite materials is rather apparent. The Sauber F1 team’s hand in the development has resulted in the use of an Active front splitter set in carbon-fibre, with tweaks to the aerodynamics via their ‘aero kit’ that places canards and gussets in the revised bodywork to channel air to increase downforce. An Akrapovič Titanium exhaust system, integrated into the carbon fibre rear diffuser now standard, with the centre-locking 20-inch wheels. The tweaks have resulted in a further 50mm addition to the vehicle track, new shocks, springs and stiffer bushings for the suspension. The GTAm gains a Carbon Rear wing for additional downforce and larger adjustable active carbon front splitter, creating a far more purposeful look to the exquisite and sculpted lines of the standard model.

Importantly for the Alfa is the increase in power from the Ferrari sourced 2.9 Litre V6 Bi-Turbo. 375kW by no means meant this was a car that felt underpowered-in fact, RACE mode where all the safety nannies are put to sleep; requires a vigilant driver with the rear often seeking mischief when taking on a more tooth and nail approach to driving. The GTA revisions have resulted in 397kW through increased turbo pressure, more durable pistons and rods and significant cooling upgrades.

The interior benefits from the uses of Alcantara trimmings on the door panels, dashboard, side pillars, glove box and seats. The GTAm gains a more hardcore approach to weight savings which the option to ditch the rear bench and rear door cards and racecar-like additions. A rearseat mounted harness bar complete with 6-point Sabelt harness’, Lexan side and rear window frames, carbon fibre and aluminium pannel substitutions. All of which have resulted in 100Kgs in weight savings total and 3.6 Seconds to the 100km/h sprint, from what remains ultimately a full-sized rear-wheel-drive saloon car. The Standard GTA model gaining the dynamic enhancements but remains less compromised with rear seats and a smaller front splitter for daily driving.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA in South Africa

With only 500 models set for production, the GTA and GTAm will be a hell of a thing and offers an uncompromised approach to the standard model. Even with the limited run, a few examples have been destined for our shores, South Africa’s passionate relationship with the Alfa name will gain another piece of history. But more importantly put broad, terrified smiles on the faces on a lucky few, complete with a ‘personalised experience package’ available with races suit and helmet on delivery.

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