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5 New changes on the Mercedes-AMG G-Class

5 important changes on the new Mercedes-AMG G-Class.

The Mercedes-AMG G-Class is probably one of the most outrageous vehicles on the road. Entertained by sports stars, celebrities and the like, the “G-Wagon” is known for its attention-grabbing, rugged style.  Believe it or not, if you ignore all the chrome, you’ll find out that this car can climb dunes and help you traverse war zones. Instead, however, this epic box simply burbles around the streets of Sandton, Camps Bay and “Umshlaaanga”.

Whether you’re a lover or a hater, we can all agree that the G-Class makes a statement. Nothing has changed with the latest model, and it’s still a “G” in more sense than one.

Mercedes-AMG G-Class


While receiving a modern facelift, the new Mercedes-AMG G-Class stays true to its roots by keeping core elements, such as the boxy square appearance, external door hinges and round headlights. Under the bold exterior, much work has been done to improve the structure. The body shell consists of various grades of steel and aluminium and Mercedes have used the latest tech to increase rigidity, reduce noise and weight, whilst still retaining the quality and strength needed for off-road antics.


Falling in line with other AMG’s across the range, a 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo engine replaces the 5.5-litre of old. The new engine produces 430kW and 850N.m, pushing the G-Class to 100km/h in just 4.5 seconds – like I said, outrageous. The driver can also enable the AMG Cylinder Management Deactivation System by driving in comfort mode. This system shuts down 4-cylinders  to aid in fuel saving.

Mercedes-AMG G-Class rear

AMG 4-Matic

Will the new G-Class slide? Just maybe. The AMG 4-Matic system is no longer a 50/50 split but rather 60/40. Which means there may just be some tail-happy times in on of the boldest performance SUV’s out there. Mercedes have also improved off-road ability with a change in the reduction gear. Now working at a ratio of 2.93, compared to 2.1 on the previous model.

Mercedes-AMG G-Class Rear

AMG Ride control is standard equipment and features adjustable electronically controlled damping. On-board systems adjust the suspension individually at each wheel to suit the current driving requirements. This ties in with Dynamic Select, a system allowing the driver to choose up to 8 driving modes. On-road modes include Slippery, Comfort, Sport , Sport+ and Individual. If you fancy going offroad, you have Sand, Trail and Rock modes available.

Interior and tech

It’s exciting to see that despite the new G-Class retaining its rugged appearance, modern technolgy is not left behind. The interior has undergone a wealth of change, with a total redesign bringing about a much more modern appeal. One immediately notices the fully digital 12.3 inch Widescreen Cockpit – a first for the G. Ambient lighting, Mercedes Me System, CarPlay®, Android Auto, Active Lane Keeping Assist and Road Sign Assist are amongst the tech list. Massage functioning, climate-controlled and fast seat heating with electronic lumbar support are also available with the Active Multicontour Seat package.

The interior cabin also benefits from more space, with space being increased by 101 millimetres in length, 121 millimetres in width and 40mm’s in height.

Mercedes-AMG G-Class Interior

G63 Edition One

As if the G-Class isn’t special enough, you may opt for the Edition One variant. It’s available In ten colours, with four of them being a different kind of black. 22-inch Matte black alloy wheels tie in with the black features from the AMG Night package, while glimpses of red can be seen around the exterior.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition One

This unique styling continues on in the interior, with red stitching in various places and red highlights in the carbon-fibre trim. The tastiest item is the flat bottom steering wheel in DINAMICA microfiber with red stitching.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition One Interior
Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition One Carbon Fibre

The new Mercedes-AMG G-Class still retains the classic and rugged look we all love or hate it for, but has now evolved and included new technology in all aspects of the vehicle.  If you originally were a hater of the G-Class, this new model will probably only infuriate you even more. Mercedes have done a great job of not ruining what the G-Class is all about. I was a big fan of this vehicle before, and nothing has changed.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Pricing in South Africa

G63: R2,591,000

G63 Edition one: R2,891,000

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